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How to Toilet Train Your Dog

Marker Training Techniques

Establishing a Routine

Behaviour & top tips to get your dog toilet trained

Transform your pup's habits with our FREE Toilet Training Course for dogs.

Gain practical insights and effective techniques to make the housebreaking process a breeze, fostering a clean and happy environment for both you and your dog. At the end of this course, gain a coupon discount code towards another course.

What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • Free Discount Coupon Code
  • Lots of helpful tips
  • Learn Marker Training
  • Train your dog yourself

4 Units

At the end of this course you will be armed with the right tools to toilet train your dog.
At the end of this course also get a free discount coupon code towards another course.

10 Sections

From Day 1 with your new dog, learn all the skills and knowledge to successfully start the process of training your dog to toilet. Understand the psychology behind a dog's need for routine and receiving positive responses to succeed. 
Meet the instructor

Amanda Anderson

Meet your instructor, Amanda, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the realm of canine care. With a background as a Veterinary Practice Manager in the UAE, a dedicated UK-certified K9 Hydrotherapist and a UK-certified Pet First Aider and Dog Trainer. Amanda brings a unique blend of medical expertise and holistic well-being to the world of dog care and training. Over the past decade, Amanda has honed exceptional skills in understanding and enhancing the physical and mental health of many dogs in her career. Join her for a transformative learning course as Amanda shares insights, experiences, and a profound passion for fostering the health and happiness of dogs through decades of expertise in the field. You are in capable hands with Amanda as your guide on this educational journey.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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