The mirror your dog sees in you

The world is constantly looking for solutions to problems, new ways to deal with issues, and creative abilities to achieve usually the same results in life. You as a dog owner are probably constantly trying to connect with your dog, understand your dog, and find a common language to communicate with and it’s not as difficult as you may think. What am I talking about? Your response to any given situation is being watched by your dog, quite simply he is analyzing in his dog-like fashion your reaction to meeting a new friend, opening a present, watching TV, meeting other dogs etc. How you respond to these situations dictates how your dog will respond too. If you were to meet a new person with caution and anxiety your dog will pick up your uncertainty and approach that person with the same nervous behaviour you are showing your dog, even if you don’t think you are. If you are overly excited to see a long-lost friend your dog’s energy level will try to match your excitement of seeing that person. This exciting response may spill over into jumping up, barking and generally being too excited for the situation at hand which will make your response to try and slow down the excitement with him with limited success all because your dog was copying you to try and fit in and join in with the group actions. There are great ways to communicate with your dog, we can show you and your dog how to create that platform of communication but you can start already without us by watching your own behaviour and responses and see how your dog reacts and mimics you in your actions. Experiment with being happy and see your dog be happy, if you act scared your dog will respond similarly, if you raise your excitement he will surely become excited with you. Try it, be your dog‘s mirror and see for yourself your dog copying you.
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