Amanda Anderson

Puppies do not come with a remote control!

The delightful images of cute puppies cuddled up together, rolling about, fluffy bundles of love and an overload of love and wholesomeness are often misled images of the perfect dog. Behind the scenes of puppy ownership and we are talking of dogs a year old and under, there can be absolute chaos and unexpected behaviours that were not expected. Even if you are an experienced dog owner or handler having been around older dogs having a puppy can knock you sideways. The best preparedness for a puppy is almost never enough. They simply do not come with a remote control to switch on and off behaviours, responses and unexpected acts of puppydom. It's OK, the best of us can become unhinged when a puppy is about.
Puppies are new on the planet, they do not know the protocols of living in human society, they have no idea where to pee and poop, how to greet visitors, why barking is considered unsociable and why it's not a good idea to run out into the garden with your underwear. They simply do not know because nobody has shown them any different, they are just being a puppy and doing what they know best and that is having fun, exploring and testing the environment, people and things around them. That's OK too.
Of course, it's not ideal for a puppy to do all of the above and there is often a frantic knee-jerk reaction to get a puppy toilet trained, learn some commands and hopefully get him or her to walk on the leash correctly, all in the goodness of time. Take a deep breath and look at the bundle of puppy in front of you. He's willing to please you, wants your undivided attention and you are the love of his life. His mind is like a sponge willing to soak up all information around him, learn new things but most of please you as his new found buddy.  
Now is the time to start the all-important obedience training, and build a Platform of Communication (this is where we come in) to bridge the gap between his language and your language. He speaks dog and you speak human, never the two will meet, this is where you are wrong, we have developed a third language that both you and your dog will understand, bridging the gap and making life a whole lot easier. The Dogzbody Platform of Communication is designed for both dogs and their owners to connect, understand each other and move forward in a common state of mind. It can be introduced to puppies and adult dogs alike from basic obedience to serious working dog abilities.

So you want to get started?  We have formulated an online course for the new puppy owner, it includes lots of useful information on how to look after a puppy, nutrition, basic behaviour and obedience expectations.  Start now in the comfort of your own home and learn more about your puppy.
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